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The truth about Transformation, It Hurts!... but it's worth it.

Updated: Mar 22

When on the path of truth and self, a transformation is assured, because you would not be searching if there was not a need or deep rooted desire for change. Transformation can be as small as a haircut or as unfathomable and drastic as a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon as a butterfly. Although a haircut takes courage and adjustment, wouldn't the freedom of becoming a butterfly be so much more rewarding?

I cut the perm out of my hair in 2009 after watching the Chris Rock's Documentary "Good Hair." This act alone catapulted an entire self revolution within myself. I observed how people, especially black people in Mobile, Alabama would stare at me like I was literally crazy for not having straight hair. I noticed how people who were not black would complement my facial features and my hair more than ever. My mind began to take in so much information from these interactions. I began to read more books on who I am, my ancestors and fore fathers and mothers. I began to meditate and do yoga. I stopped eating meat! I begin to question everything. I was literally outcast by my former friends and even many of my family for these changes that were viewed as "weird" "outlandish" and "strange." I then knew how a caterpillar would feel if it was to undergo its transformation in the public eye without the protection, security, privacy and intimacy of its cocoon. Those who watched the caterpillar transform would be confused, scared, disturbed, and honestly very rude and disruptive to the caterpillar's process. They would not realize that someone else's transformation is not for them to understand. How God, the Divine Source of Life, comes in to our lives and transforms us is not for the logical mind to comprehend. It is intimate, private and just plainly put magical. I pray that you stay inspired on your journey and realize that you are never alone. We are One and I, especially, am only one email away.

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