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It's a New Moon, have you set your intentions?

The New Moon is the time to plant the seeds for the life you desire. The moon is the amazing calendar that nature has provided us with, to not only gauge our emotions and energies, but to also to plant, take action, observe and reap the harvest of our desires.

The New Moon is the first phase of the 8 phases of our moon's cycle. It carries the essence of new beginnings, potential, and a clean slate. This is the time when we are called to meditate and reflect on what type of human experience we want to have. What is it that we truly want to manifest into our lives. This can be material possessions, love, more confidence, desired character traits about ourselves, specific places to move to or travel, etc, there is no limit. However, before we get into how I set my New Moon intentions, I would like to share that it is not wise to wish or intend for things that are not beneficial for the All, for example things that would harm others or the planet. It is also not beneficial to intend for things that are out of our control, more specifically influencing someone else's Free Will; for example, making someone fall in love with you that may not be interested. It is advised that we seek to change and evolve ourselves, for we are who we came to evolve. If you change your self you will see your desires and environment began to change as well.

Now lets get into the magic of setting intentions during the New Moon. During the New Moon the moon is dark and in the darkness lies infinite potential to create. Black is usually deemed as evil in society, but lets remember that your magic is whatever you are and that black is power and power does not equate to evil. Power is power and there is definitely power in the potential to create during the New Moon. Meditation and deep inner reflection on what it is that you truly want is an important part of the the process. Knowing what you want is half of the work. So many of us have never taken the time to truly inquire of ourselves and of God what it is that we came to this planet to do. What is our purpose? What is our mission? What does our soul crave? What are we doing when we feel the most free?... Many times because of the corporate conveyor belt, we get blindsided in high school with what our parents and society wants of us, but in truth, they are not us and they could not know who we deeply are and what we came here to accomplish if we haven't even taken the time to reflect and feel it for ourselves. Many times those outside of ourselves project what they would have us to achieve and mostly it is for selfish reasons. It is our responsibility to know who we are and why we are here. I am not saying that it is easy to quit your unfulfilling job, stand up to your parents and family who are attempting to dictate your life, reroute a course that you thought looked good to everyone else but felt horrible to you, but I am saying that it is necessary to do this to be successful and by successful I mean fulfilled, happy, and joyful.

Now into the fun stuff, once you have meditated and visualized on who you are and who you desire to become, you now get to make a list of practical steps to manifest your intentions. When I say practical, I mean if you desire to drive a new Mercedes then you should take the necessary steps like increase your credit score, start a savings for this goal, etc. Another example is if you want to work on an emotion such as being more joyful, you can start by writing out a gratitude list and create a positive prospective in your life, because joy is available to us all at any time if we are willing to see through grateful eyes. Many moonologist would suggest a list of 5 to 10 intentions, however, I choose personally to focus on 3 at a time each cycle. This way I don't get overwhelmed and I can assure that each intention gets the necessary attention. I meditate, visualize and write down each intention and place them up on a wall where I will see them often, I then journal practical steps to accomplish these intentions; making a check list is very beneficial and rewarding. Affirmations are also extremely powerful when shifting energies in our lives. For example, saying to the mirror "I am joyful" when you rise, in the midday and before bed, will instill in your mind body and spirit that "I am joyful" and making a gratitude list will support this affirmation by reminding you what you have to be joyful about. Labradorite and Selenite are amazing crystals to work with during the New Moon and are both very meditative and deeply insightful. I hope this article encourages you to learn more about the moon cycles and how helpful they can become in your life. If you ever have any more questions about the moon cycles are any other content on my site and blog feel free to contact me directly at


Be patient with the process. All things take time and persistence.

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