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Trendy Wellness?

Updated: Mar 22

People are waking up to a new era full of crystals, metaphysical jewelry, meditation, yoga, walking away from religious boxes, eating differently, questioning everything, looking for answers about who they are on the deepest levels. But is this a shift for some and a trend for others?


My awakening began 2012. I graduated from my undergrad with a degree in exercise science and biology. Although my friends and family were very happy and proud, I felt uneducated and unprepared for the world ahead of me. You see I had no knowledge of self. I didn't know who I was genetically, religiously, economically, philosophically, or even emotionally. I felt like a baby being forced out of the house into the world and that's possibly how millions who are going through their personal awakening may feel. The veil is being removed with or without permission and many people are clinging to their addictions to numb or prevent this from happening, but it will not be to their benefit. We are being forced to see things for what they energetically are in order for the nature of evolution to flourish. In order for the re- balancing and raising of the planet's vibration to take place, there must be a re - balancing and raising of the inhabitants of the planet's vibration and those who are choosing to numb or run from this call to rise will be left behind. The planet needs to detox and thus so do we, removing things that are harmful to us and our planet. With this being a clear and obvious fact, you see trends and popularity in corporations and new businesses clinging to the health gimmick. I mean how many more CBD stores do we need? You see the title Organic on things with questionable ingredients, you see individuals with questionable energy pushing crystals and speaking on metaphysics, you see google educated astrologist preaching astrology readings to the masses. Being aware, is the ability to see things clearly for your self, to learn from those around you and realize that this life is a teacher for you to become the master of self & reunite in oneness with Source. Be sure not to get swept into becoming a follower in the mass manipulation of Trends. The truth is in the essence and the energy.

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